And it does

It’s good to have a plan.  No matter what you’re doing, the odds of it working out are a lot better if you figure it out before you do it.  And you make sure you’ve got everything you need to do it. 

But there’s a risk, at least for me.  I can get stuck, and end up not doing things if I don’t know how it’s all going to work out.  Or if I can’t see that I already have everything I need. 

And before I know it, I’m not trusting God.  It’s not that I have anything against God, I just know what it takes to get it done.  And without really meaning to, I end up trusting me. 

Which is amazing.  And kind of stupid.  Since (if I’m honest) I can’t count how many times I’ve let me down. 

Sunday’s Gospel (John) is Jesus’ quiet yet powerful response to all of that.  Even though no one can see how it’s going to work, Jesus says it will.  And it does. 

More on this tomorrow.