The angel of obviousness

In the verses leading up to Sunday’s first reading (1 Kings), Elijah sees God in action.  Twice.  But just one day after those powerful miracles, Elijah is ready to give up. 

Elijah is so us.  After seeing God act in a miraculous way, we (and Elijah) can easily fall into "miracle mode."  Where everything God does has to be a miracle.  Or it doesn't count. 

Which is why God sends the angel of obviousness to tell Elijah, "You should eat."  And because Elijah is stuck in miracle mode (and waiting for the clouds to part and a food truck to descend from heaven), the angel has to point out the food, right next to Elijah. 

The point of the angel of obviousness?  That God doesn't only act through the big and the showy.  Sometimes God acts through the everyday and the obvious.  And sometimes even through us. 

More on this tomorrow.