If I open them all now, then it’s Christmas, right?

If Advent is about waiting for Christmas, what does that mean?  Is it just marking the passing days on the way to Christmas, like the Church version of an Advent calendar? 

Actually, the waiting of Advent isn’t just sitting around until something happens.  Advent shares something with the kid waiting for Christmas morning – anticipation. 

But the anticipation of Advent isn’t about getting stuff (or eating all of the chocolate in the Advent calendar and replacing it with candy corn).  The anticipation of Advent is about (no surprises here) Christ.  And each week of Advent has its own take on that anticipation. 

Coming right after Christ the King, the readings for the first week of Advent don’t even mention Christmas or any pre-Christmas stories.  Instead, this Sunday is all about Salvation and the Second Coming.  Why?  Because that’s the backstory for Christmas, the reason for the whole thing.  More on this tomorrow.


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