Improving your morning commute.

Having an armored personnel carrier for your daily commute sounds like fun.  Illegally parked car blocking traffic?  No problem.  Next big blizzard?  You're ready.  But - after the novelty wears off - unless you're facing a particular type of problem, it's really not that helpful (plus the mileage is terrible). 

This Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Isaiah) is part of a larger song of thanksgiving.  The earlier part of that song praises God with images of military triumph (destroying fortresses, subduing foes, etc.).  That part of the song is notable because it isn't praising God for victory in battle but for providing for the poor and the needy.  

God provides, that's what the Old Testament reading says.  But in its larger context the reading shows us that (unlike the personnel carrier) God's help isn't limited to a particular type of problem.  

God provides, not just for the grand and the glorious, but also for the poor and the powerless.  More on this tomorrow.  

Sunday’s Readings: