"Christianity and ___."

I have a friend who (rightly) sees a lot of things as attempts to remake God in our own image.  By taking the faith and adding on to it whatever we’re into right now.  Until it becomes something else entirely, but still with enough Christian trappings to confuse people. 

What C.S. Lewis calls “Christianity and ___.” 

My friend’s response?  To expose it, to call it out, to shout it down.  With something that is fast becoming its own “Christianity and ___.”  Something like “Christianity and bitterness.”  Or maybe “Christianity and anger.” 

Today’s Gospel tells us how to deal with “Christianity and ___.”  It’s not our job to sort out the weeds and the wheat. 

wheat and weeds

Our job?  To be the wheat.  With such joy that they’ll question why they ever added all of that “and ___” stuff. 

I say this with much love, and the hope that you’ll call me back if I start sliding into “Christianity and ___.”  Thursday’s Holy Hour is for you. 

Readings for Today