A Moment before All Saints’ Day

All Saints is the day after Halloween.  Most days after something special are nothing much.  If it’s a really big something special, it’s almost like the day after is set aside to recover and clean up after the big event. 

Not with Halloween.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but All Saints is actually the bigger deal.  And it’s the reason for Halloween. 

In the first reading (Revelation), John has a vision of the vast crowd of saints in heaven.  He tries to count them but has to quit, there’s just too many of them.   And the point of showing us the endless number of saints? 

It shows us that there are literally too many saints for us to count.  And that being a saint isn’t for the few or the select.  Or the perfect. 

And the Gospel (Matthew) for All Saints?  It shows us how.  Readings for All Saints