It's not really a secret, is it?

In Sunday's Epistle (Philippians), Paul announces that he has learned the secret of living in both abundance and in need.  When someone announces they have a secret, it can mean a lot of different things.  

Sometimes the announcement is just a "come-on" for you to click on some odd-ball pop-up ad online, promising that you can (lose weight/quit snoring/whatever) if you follow this one weird old trick.  Sometimes it's actually a secret that they are about to reveal.  And sometimes, it's something that - if you think about it - is actually kind of obvious. 

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Knowing Paul (or having just heard Sunday's Old Testament reading and the Twenty-Third Psalm - which is what you'll hear Sunday right before the Epistle), his "secret" is actually kind of obvious.  But just in case it isn't, he gives it to us later in the reading.  

Paul's secret is to trust God to provide.  And Paul's history of thriving in both abundance and need shows that this trust is very well-placed. 

More on this tomorrow.