Thanks for nothing, Doctor Science

Grapes grow wild, so why spend the time, trouble, and money to cultivate them?  Because wild grapes are tiny and don’t have much juice.  You want grapes worth having?  It’s going to take some work.

In high school, the chemistry teacher had us do an experiment with water.  We tested its pH, measured out various chemicals, and then added precise amounts of different stuff to the water as he talked us through the experiment.  Both the pH and the color of the water changed several times, and by the end of class we had clear water with the starting pH – exactly what we would have had if we had done nothing.

It’s kind of like that in Sunday’s Old Testament reading. 

The vineyard owner buys the right land and prepares it, builds all of the buildings, tends the vines for three years or more, only to get wild grapes – exactly what the he would have had if he had done nothing.  

So it’s no surprise that the vineyard owner is irate.  More on this tomorrow.