Pointing out other people’s mistakes is fun (in a nasty sort of way).  One of the best ways to see where somebody messed up is after the fact.  There’s nothing like hindsight to make us truly brilliant. 

And it’s even easier to spot other people’s mistakes when they made them years ago.  Like the disciples in the Gospel (John), who were trying to sort out whether it was the sins of the man or his parents that caused him to be born blind.  It’s easy to mock them.  We would never blame someone for suffering like this. 

And yet, we often do just that to people who have different types of suffering in their lives.  Without really thinking about it, we assign blame and treat them like they’re contagious. 

Jesus’ response to the disciples’ question shows us where our priorities need to be.  Instead of bothering with blame, Jesus simply helps the man. 

More on this tomorrow.