Checking your brain at the door

“Forgive and forget.”  It’s not in the Bible, and the Church doesn’t teach it.  Yet it’s so ingrained in us, believers and non-believers alike treat it like it something more than dogma. 

“Forgive and forget” gives us the idea that we can’t forgive until we forget.  Making forgiving someone harder than it has to be.  And maybe even dangerous, depending on what happened. 

Forgiveness is not about checking your brain at the door.  If you’ve been hurt by someone, forgiving them does not mean you have to forget what they did and set yourself up to be hurt.  Again. 

Forgiveness is about letting go. 

And something I struggle with.  Which is why I'm visiting the relics of St. Maria Goretti as they travel across the U.S. this fall.  She’s basically the patron saint of forgiveness.  And God knows I could use the help. 

More on this tomorrow.  Pilgrimage of Mercy