God disappoints

God put a lot of thought and bother into us.  Each one of us.  And God has been loving each of us from before we were even conceived.  Why? 

It’s all for a relationship.  One where God’s going to be there, every step of the way.  And it’s so not even a question (to God) that we get a little divine sass when God explains it to Jeremiah (in the first reading) - “as though I would leave you.” 

But I don’t want that kind of a relationship with God.  

At least that’s what my actions say.  How I act says what I really want is a vending machine.  Or a genie. 

If I’m that shallow, if that’s all I’m looking for, then God disappoints.  Every time.  And that’s what Sunday’s Gospel (Luke) is about. 

That’s not the relationship God wants to have, with any of us. 

More on this tomorrow. Readings for Sunday