God has a plan...

You put a lot of thought into it and you’ve finally got it figured out.  Your next big move.  Be it school, work, vocation, marriage, or whatever, it’s going to be the next big turning point in your life. 

So you tell everybody about your plans, and then it happens.  Someone who knows a thousand ways it can all go horribly wrong - and who (almost gleefully) has zero interest in helping you solve any of them - decides to share their “wisdom” with you. 

That’s not how God does things. 

The readings for Sunday show us how God works.  The first reading (Jeremiah) shows us a serious problem.  But it also shows us God’s plan to solve it.   

And the Gospel (Mark)?  We see God delivering on His plan, as promised.  That’s how God does things. 

More on this tomorrow.