A Moment before the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

We’re almost at the end of the Church year, and the readings are all about the last things.  Death and resurrection, hell and heaven.  Packed with allegory and symbols that are seen by some as the schedule of events for the Apocalypse. 

Which misses the point.  I don’t need to plan the end of all things.  Or even worry about it.  God’s got this. 

Not that I shouldn’t be thinking about where I'm going.  But my focus needs to be on me and the people in my life.  On the small moments of daily life that add up to eternity.  Which is the point of the first reading (Daniel). 

And we have the freedom, and the grace, to do just that.  Because, as Jesus shows us in the Gospel (Mark), He is exactly who He says He is. 

Readings for Sunday