Have it your way.

One of the most important sentences ever is found in the Lord’s Prayer - “Your will be done.”  Whether you and I are saying it to God, or God is saying it to us, makes all the difference in the world. 

In the Old Testament reading, after the people start whining about the way that God is providing for their every need, God basically says “You don’t like the way I’m doing things?  Not a problem, I’ll stop interfering in your lives.  Have it your way.”

So God stops interfering in their lives.  The miracles they knew about stopped – no more disgusting manna and quail.  And the miracles that they didn’t know about stopped too - the saraph (poisonous) serpents that God had been keeping at bay show up and start biting people.

And it’s at this point that the people realize that they have things a little backwards, and that maybe they don’t really want to “Have it your way.”  More on this tomorrow.