Help is on the way.

The Old Testament reading for Sunday is about two things – realizing that you need help, and asking for help.  Sunday’s Gospel (Mark) makes it clear that it is worth it to ask for help.  

How?  The Gospel is all about someone going on a journey and leaving their servants in charge of things while they are away, and the servants watching for them to return.  How does that have anything to do with answering a cry for help? 

You cry for help because you are desperate, because you hope that someone/anyone will help you.  The only reason you watch for a specific person to come is because you are sure that specific person is coming.  

In Jesus’ stories, the person in charge always represents God.  Which tells us why Sunday’s Gospel is paired with asking for help – to tell us that help is coming, and that the help is coming from God.  More on this tomorrow.