He's got you.

Have you ever seen a little kid thrown up in the air by her father?

The laughter and sheer joy of that child, it’s almost like she’s glowing. And you can’t help but smile, when you see her smile.

Child Thrown in the Air.png

She has complete joy in the moment, because she trusts her dad. She knows that he is going to catch her. She knows that she has nothing to worry about.

He’s got her.

That’s the faith of a child that Jesus is talking about in today’s Gospel.

It’s not about being childish or immature. And it’s not about avoiding the hard questions, thinking that nothing bad will ever happen to you. Or checking your brain at the door.

It’s about having complete joy in the moment. Even the tough ones. Because you trust God. Because you know that no matter how high you fly or how fast you fall, God is going to catch you.

So where’s your smile?

He’s got you.

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