A great place to hide from God

"The Church is a great place to hide from God."  It was a discernment weekend some time ago when an auxiliary bishop of a large American city said that.  And everything stopped cold. 

The room was full of the kind of people that parishes depend on to do, well, everything.  From working in the food pantry to singing the choir, and from visiting the sick to tutoring kids after school.  If it was happening in our parishes, we were the ones doing it. 

Which is why he said it.  Because in the busyness of doing "church stuff," there's a real danger of losing sight of the One you're doing it for. 

If you aren't doing it with God, what you're doing "for God" can quickly become a substitute for actually spending time with God.  Which, as it turns out, is a very effective way of avoiding God. 

I cannot be reminded of this enough.