Actual news

There are two kinds of news – “actual news” (stuff you didn’t know and didn’t expect) and “well, yeah.” 

You’ve got a friend who is really into The Hobbit/The Lord of Rings movies - fangirling Legolas, wearing Hobbit slippers, you name it.  When she told you she was going to see the last Hobbit movie on opening night, you were like “well, yeah.”  Given who she is, it’s not really news. 

In Sunday’s first reading (Acts), Saul shows up and tries to join the disciples.  No one wants anything to do with him, they’re afraid of him.  And for good reason. 

With Saul’s past, it’s pretty hard to believe that he actually wants to join the disciples.  But if he really does mean it?  Given who Saul is, it’s actual news. 

More on this tomorrow.

Readings for Sunday: