A Moment before the 2nd Sunday in Lent

When you're learning something, there's nothing like seeing someone else do it well. Especially if that someone is willing to take the time with you. To show you how to do it.

Whether it was my great uncle who made the best paper airplanes or my mom whose cookies were amazing - as a kid, I was blessed with people who took the time.

People tell me I can do some great things. If that's true, it's because someone showed me how to do it.

And that's what Sunday's epistle (Philippians) is all about. Paul is offering his life up as that example to follow. Which sounds a little arrogant, until we actually look at his life.

An enemy of Christ who made a 180 degree turn. Rejected by believers and non-believers alike. And someone who kept coming back to Christ, no matter what happened. Which is exactly how to do it.

Readings for Sunday