How you listen matters.

How you listen matters.  A lot.

People have all kinds of ideas about the Bible. Some people think of it as just a bunch of “No’s” and “Thou-shalt-not’s.” For them, there’s really not much the Bible has to say.

Some people think of it as a bunch of myths, little more than a child’s book of “Once-upon-a-time” stories. The Bible doesn’t really speak to them either.

But there are others who listen to the Bible with open hearts, because they know Whose voice they will hear if they do. They are the ones who already have, and to them more will be given.

But the choice is left to each of us. To listen with open hearts, and be given more and more by the One who loves us more than we can imagine.

Bible with heart.png

Or to do something else. And lose what little we have.

“Take care, then, how you hear.” Because how you listen matters. A lot.

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