If that's what it takes.

Back in school, the year was off to its usual start when it happened.  You saw the French exchange student, and it was love at first sight.  You were smitten.  You figured out class schedules so you could “accidentally” bump into each other, a lot. 

When the two of you finally spoke, you found out that English wasn’t even a second language.  You knew what to do to even have a chance.  After 2 years of Spanish, your friends were stunned when you dropped it for freshman French. 


Kind of like what Moses is talking about in Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Deuteronomy).  When God tried to talk with us directly (yesterday’s post), we couldn’t understand what God was saying.  But because God is smitten, God doesn’t give up. 

God knows what to do to even have a chance.  Which is why God speaks to us in a language we can understand (through people). 

More on this tomorrow.