I'll never be happy again.

So you stumble upon a random thing that one of your friends reposted.  It’s one of the most self-pitying things you’ve ever read.  It’s so overdone that you’re reading it aloud in a pretend-crying voice when you hit the line that sums it all up – “I’ll never be happy again.” 


Just about any post that ends like that sounds ridiculous.  It just begs to be mocked.  Which is how Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Job) can sound, if we don’t know what Job is reacting to. 

Job was rich, respected, had a great family, and lots of friends.  And then, in a horrifying series of tragedies, his children are killed and he loses everything.  Next Job’s health fails and his wife turns on him (telling him to “curse God and die”).  When his friends show up, they kill off whatever hope might be left and blame it all on Job.  

Knowing all this, Job’s “I’ll never be happy again” line sounds about right.  Which is pretty depressing.  So why bring it up?  More on this tomorrow. 

Readings for Sunday: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/020815.cfm