I'll say anything.

The last part of Sunday’s Epistle (1st Corinthians) is part of a speech by Paul, where he says that to those under the law, he’s become one of them.  To those outside the law, he’s become one of them.  To the weak, he’s become one of them.  He has become all things to all people. 

Which sounds wrong at first glance, almost pathological.  Like Paul has lost touch with who he is.  Or like he’s the worst sort of used car salesman, who will say (literally) anything. 



But that’s not what Paul means, not at all.  Paul knows that what Job says about where we end up on our own is absolutely right (see yesterday’s post).  Paul gets it, and he’s doing everything possible be understood and to help – it’s that important. 

That's why he’s meeting people where they are, learning how they see things, speaking with them in a way they can understand.  Being with them.  Which sounds a lot like Jesus, and it should.

More on this tomorrow.