We interrupt our regularly scheduled Advent...

So the priest said something about Monday during Sunday’s homily, and there’s something in the bulletin about Mass times on Monday.  And at Mass on Monday, the priest will be wearing white, not purple.  Why?   

The Immaculate Conception.  That Mary was conceived free from original sin.  When you say it like that, people can get confused.  Some even think it means that Mary didn’t need a savior.  

The truth is that even if humanity had never sinned (see today’s Old Testament reading), we would still need God’s grace to remain sinless – as did Mary.  What the Immaculate Conception really means is that the sanctifying grace the rest of us receive at baptism, Mary received at conception. 

Which made it possible for her to say “yes” to receiving further gifts and graces from God (just like it does for us, if we let it).  Including the greatest “yes” to God in the history of saying “yes” to God – today’s Gospel reading. 

Readings for Today: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/120814.cfm