A Moment before the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

At times God’s ways can make him seem removed from daily living, and our tendency to treat God like a parachute or a supplemental insurance policy (good to have when you need it, but otherwise not something you think about too much) doesn’t make getting to know God any easier.

But the Old Testament reading for Sunday says to “seek the Lord while he may be found, call him while he is near,” telling us that we are headed in the wrong direction when we see God as something remote and treat God as little more than some sort of divine emergency response.



God doesn’t want to know us at a distance.  But it can be hard to get to know God, especially when God says things like “my ways are above your ways, and my thoughts are above your thoughts.”  

Which is why parables (like the one in Sunday’s Gospel) are so important.  Sunday’s Gospel makes it clear that God is anything but remote, and shows us why saving God “for emergency use only” is nothing but a self-inflicted hardship. 

Sunday’s Readings: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/092114.cfm


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