In your face.

It isn't just the people who loved Jesus that didn't know what to think about the Resurrection.  Those responsible for Jesus' death didn't know what to think about what they were hearing.  Usually, when someone's killed by public torture, that's pretty much the last you hear from them. 

In the verses leading up to the first reading for Sunday (Acts), Peter and John go to the Temple to pray.  When a man who was lame asks them for help, instead of giving him money, they heal him.  That miracle quickly draws a crowd. 

After letting them know that God did the healing (not him), Peter turns on the crowd.  He blames them for Jesus' death, and pulls no punches when he does it. 

There's almost a dismissive tone when Peter tells them that all of their efforts were for nothing.  That Jesus is risen from the dead.  It feels like the wind up to an "in-your-face" moment. 

More on this tomorrow.