That's what it really is?

When we find out about something (really, anything) in advance, we develop ideas about what it's going to be like.  And when that thing gets talked about a lot, or a lot of time passes (or both), we can develop some pretty detailed ideas about what it's going to be like.  

When it does finally show up, if it doesn't match up with those expectations, it can really throw us off.


Besides being called “the Baptist,” John also gets called “the Forerunner.”  And that makes sense, he shows up before Christ.  But there’s more to it than just timing. 

John is the Forerunner, because of what he tells them about the coming Christ.  Not just by what he says, but by being a living example of someone who is exactly who they were waiting for - and not at all who they were expecting. 

More on this tomorrow. 

Readings for Sunday: