Is that you?

My dog’s coat grows slowly.  So it’s a long time between visits to the groomers.  Usually the next one happens when I realize how long it’s been since the last one.  

Which means there’s a big difference between the before and after pictures.  Almost like I’m leaving with a different dog. 

All through Advent, the first readings were Isaiah’s vision of the Messiah, the Christ.  They were awe inspiring, powerful, and royal.  But the Christ we see in Sunday’s Gospel (John) is understated, thoughtful, and approachable.  

Which is why Sunday’s first reading (Isaiah) sounds like all those readings from Advent.  To make it clear that what looks like a big difference really isn’t.  That the Christ Isaiah foretold is exactly who we’re meeting in the Gospel. 

More on this tomorrow.  Readings for Sunday