It all means something.

Sometimes you see a design or a picture with lots of detail, and that’s all it is.  Other times you see a design or a picture with lots of detail and you just know there’s more going on, that it all means something.  Like the artwork on the back of a dollar bill. 

Sunday’s Gospel (Mark) is one of those pictures with lots of detail.  The moment you see it, you know it all means something.  And it all centers on an image of Jesus talking to Elijah and Moses. 

Why Elijah?  As the greatest of the prophets, Elijah symbolizes all of the Old Testament prophets, especially their role of telling people about the coming Messiah. 

And Moses?  The Law.  As the giver of the God’s Law, Moses symbolizes God’s covenant with his people, a covenant that’s fulfilled with the coming of the Messiah. 

What about all of the other stuff?  More on this tomorrow.