Our Lady of the Rosary

Growing up Protestant, I was told about the dangers of the Rosary.  I was told that the Bible warned against "babbling" and using "many words" when praying (Matthew 6:7).  And the many words of the Rosary just proved that Catholics didn't read the Bible. 

Not really.  Yes, the Rosary repeats.  Mostly two basic prayers (both right out of the Bible), the Our Father and the Hail Mary.  But it's anything but "babbling." 

The repetition serves a purpose.  No matter how frantic your day has been, no matter how much your mind is racing, the Rosary brings peace.  When you pray it, without even trying, you find your focus is where it needs to be.  On God. 

Which is why no matter what you're facing, it's the one thing you should always take with you. 

More on this tomorrow.  15 Great Quotes on the Rosary