A Moment before Corpus Christi Sunday

Corpus Christi is there to make sure that we don’t miss the point of Holy Thursday: the Last Supper, and that the Last Supper is the First Eucharist.  

The Gospel reading is the key to Corpus Christi – in plain language Jesus tells us what/Who it is.  Because the Eucharist is how we do it, suddenly it makes sense why the Catholic Church is so big on the Eucharist – why we treat it with such respect, and why we push it so hard. 

Q: “How can you ‘adore’ a thing?”

A: “It’s not a thing.” 

The Church wants each of us to have an intimate, personal relationship with the One who loves each one of us enough to do what it takes to save us (and who would have done the same thing, even if you or I were the only one who needed saving). 

How does the Eucharist fit into that?  The Church is just following what He said is the way to make that connection as close and real as it can be on this side of eternity.