It’s not just a Christmas thing.

When we think of Old Testament prophecies about Jesus, it’s usually Isaiah.  It seems like that’s what every Sunday reading from Isaiah is, so it’s a surprise to get a prophecy about Jesus from somewhere else.  Like Sunday’s reading from Deuteronomy. 

When we think of “God with us” (the meaning of Emmanuel), it’s usually in the context of Christmas.  That Jesus would be called Emmanuel is from Isaiah (no surprises here), and shows up in Matthew’s Nativity stories.  But “God with us” doesn’t stop there.

Sunday’s Old Testament reading shows us that God is powerful.  And God loves us.  And God can be terrifying to us.  And God wants a relationship with us.  God’s resolution of all of this gives us a glimpse of what “God with us” means, after the Nativity set is put away. 

God wants to be with us, and God is willing to do it as one of us. 

God with us.  It’s not just a Christmas thing.


More on this tomorrow.