It's that obvious

If you're a serious fan of something, this happens.  Someone makes a passing reference to your fandom, and you spontaneously combust into a detailed, passionate commentary that is frightening to behold.  And when you finally take a breath, they say, "Wow, you must be really into (fandom)." 

It's that obvious. 

Sunday's first reading (2 Kings) comes at the end of a chapter full of amazing things that God is doing through Elisha.  Elisha is faithful, doing exactly what God tells him to do, and the results are (literally) miracles. 

The reading mentions (almost in passing) that the bread given out by Elisha was made with firstfruits, the first and best of the harvest.  That bread is given to the priests.  Because God works through them. 

Elisha was a prophet, not a priest.  But the man gave the bread made with firstfruits to Elisha?  Because it's clear that God is working through Elisha. 

It's that obvious. 

More on this tomorrow.