It's all about me.

The Ten Commandments.  We’ve heard and seen them so many times that we barely even think about what they really say.  Much less ask questions about them. 

Like the most important one - why the First Commandment is first.  So why is it first? 

Me.  I know it sounds vain, but it really is all about me. 

And you too. 

Because whether we say it like St. Augustine did (“Lord, our hearts are restless until they rest in you”) or call it a God-shaped hole, each of us has basic needs that can only be met by God.   

And even though I know better, I’ll still try to fill that hole with something other than God.  But all it really gets me is yet another lesson in why the First Commandment is first. 

You’d think I would have gotten the lesson by now. 

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