Just a sign

The last couple of trips that I’ve taken, there have been some really beautiful views. The kind of views where there are scenic overlooks. Places to pull over…that are actually worth pulling over for.

I was going through pictures of those views on my phone, and I noticed that something was missing. Even though I paid attention to the “scenic overlook” signs - I stopped because of those signs, I took pictures because of those signs - I didn’t have any pictures of the signs that said “scenic overlook.” 

scenic overlook

And that’s fine.  Because the whole point of a sign is to let you know you about something, to point something out. But the sign itself?  It’s not the important part.  It’s just a sign. 

Which is what today’s Gospel is all about. The signs are all around us. We don’t need more signs. What we need is the One that those signs are pointing to. 

Today’s readings.