A Moment before Palm Sunday

The end of “A Christmas Carol” describes the changed Scrooge - “And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well.”  Beautiful.  Too bad it’s three months late. 

Not exactly.  “Keeping” isn’t just a Christmas thing.  With Palm Sunday, there’s a lot I definitely want to keep. 

In one sense, the two Gospels for Palm Sunday (Luke) are a compact version of my relationship with God.  When it’s all good, it’s easy to be on God’s side.  But when things go wrong, or when it’s hard or awkward to be on God’s side, I can turn on Him. 

Even though I’m unreliable, God isn’t.  God doesn’t pay me back when I turn away, but stays true and loves me.  In spite of me.  Without counting the cost. 

That’s what Palm Sunday points to.  Why it’s worth keeping.  And why some of us get literal about keeping it and keep our palms.  To remind us of a love like no other.