A Moment before the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Deuteronomy), Moses reminds God’s people how God spoke to them.  They’re people just like you and me.  Their response to God reveals a lot about them, and about us.  God’s response to them reveals a lot about God. 

Taken together, it shows us that God is powerful.  And God loves us.  And God can be terrifying to us.  And God wants a relationship with us. 

Sunday’s Gospel (Mark) shows us how all of those things come together in Jesus.  Jesus is human, and speaks to us in a way we can understand.  And Jesus is divine, and speaks to us as only God can. 

This is the “why” behind the apostles dropping everything and following Jesus.  This is the “authority” that the people in the synagogue hear when Jesus speaks.  This is the voice of the God who loves us enough to meet us where we are.