Like it never happened.

A big part of Lent is giving things up.  But it feels like we’re getting mixed messages at church.  Because right when we’re supposed be giving things up, suddenly there’s all kinds of extra stuff to do. 

As a little kid, it really threw me off when I pulled a bucket of water out of the pond.  I did it.  I had a bucket of water to prove it.  But to look at the pond, it was like it never happened. 

It's the same way giving things up.  If I make the effort and actually do it, something else will rush in to fill the hole.  And I can end up with a new thing I need to give up, like all my work never happened. 

And that's the wisdom of the extra stuff of Lent.  Something will rush in to fill the hole.  But I can choose what that something is. 

More on this tomorrow.