Stays crunchy even in milk!

Last Sunday’s Old Testament and Gospel readings were a call and response.  This Sunday’s readings are even more closely linked. 

This Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Isaiah) tells us about the message that signals the start of everything, “Prepare the way of the Lord!”  Isaiah also tells us how to spot the messenger, calling him “a voice crying out in the desert.”  

This Sunday’s Gospel (Mark) begins with a reminder of that message and how to spot the messenger, to let us know that this is Isaiah’s messenger.  Who turns out to be the most unusual (if not outright weird) character in the New Testament. 



Living out in the desert, wearing rough clothes made out of camel’s hair, eating the only combination of foods that hasn’t yet become a fad diet (locusts and wild honey), he had a message – and people were paying attention.  More on this tomorrow.