The World's Worst Mad Libs

Part of Lent (and life in general) is looking at ourselves and being honest about what we see.  It's an important part of our relationship with God, because it opens the door to repentance, forgiveness, and healing. 

When I do get honest with myself, sometimes I see things I don't like.  And when I do, there's a risk that (instead of taking things to God in prayer and going to Reconciliation) I will start telling myself things that just aren't true.  Things like...

   "God would never forgive me for ( ________ )."  

   "God could never love me because I ( ________ )." 

...filling the blanks in with the most damning things I can think of.  It's the world's worst game of Mad Libs, and it would be funny if it didn't hurt so much. 

Sunday's Epistle (Romans) is all about God's grace and love.  And tucked away at the end of it is the part I need to hear - "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." 

It's God's response to the world's worst Mad Lib. 

More on this tomorrow.