Making a deal with God.

Sunday’s Old Testament reading (1 Samuel) is all about Samuel.  To know who Samuel is, we need to know a little about his mother, Hannah.

Hannah was heart-broken because she wasn’t able to have children.  Hannah begged God for a son, and promised that child to God’s service.  After praying in the Temple (so intensely that at first the priests thought she was drunk), she had a son. 

When we’re desperate, sometimes we promise that if God will help us, we will do something for God.  Those promises can be impressive.  Often, we don’t really mean them. 


But Hannah does.  And when Samuel is three years old, Hannah makes good on her promise - which is why there’s a young boy (Samuel) sleeping in the Temple.  Okay, but what does that have to do with our faith not being a Sunday-only thing? 

More on this tomorrow.


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