More of the same?

This Sunday’s first reading (1 Kings) sounds like more of the same from last Sunday’s first reading. 

Last Sunday, God led His people in a pillar of fire, rescued them from a pursuing army, and freed them from slavery in Egypt.  And after all this evidence of God’s power, they start whining about being hungry and wishing they were dead. 

In the verses leading up to this Sunday’s first reading, Elijah sets up a stone altar with a sacrifice on it, and soaks it with 12 barrels of water.  Then God sends down fire from heaven that consumes the sacrifice, and the stones of the altar. 

Then Elijah flees into the desert to escape the enemies he just made.  And after one day in the desert, it starts to sound like more of the same, with Elijah whining about being hungry and wishing he was dead. 

But with Elijah, there’s something else going on.  Something that we didn’t see last week. 

More on this tomorrow. 

Readings for Sunday: