Smart ass

My default mode?  Smart ass.  Which is why I've been asking God for the grace to hear the person, not just their "stupid" comment or question. 

I was stopped in the airport by a clueless guy.  He had clearly never flown before.  He had a belt in his hand, and was holding his pants up.  He wanted to know how I got to wear a belt, since the TSA screener had told him "you can't wear that in here." 

The screener had meant the security checkpoint, but he thought she meant the whole airport. 

This was comedy gold, and a thousand witty comebacks sprang to mind.  All of them clever.  All of them hysterical.  All of them at his expense. 

But what came out of my mouth surprised me.  I gently told him that once you were through security, you could put it back on.  He looked at me like I had given him a gift. 

And then I realized what had happened.  I had heard him. 

Don't ask God for something if you don't want it.