A Moment before the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

With last week’s Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, people are wondering what to do.  The readings for this Sunday?  It’s almost like they were chosen for just this moment. 

In the first reading (Ezekiel), God sends Ezekiel to his own people.  This should be the easiest missionary work ever, because Ezekiel’s people are God’s people.  But you’d never know it by watching them. 

They’re all about themselves.  They don’t have time for a God who wants the best for them.  Who loves them enough to call them away from the things that they’re doing to harm themselves.  And Ezekiel can’t count on a warm welcome. 

Just like Ezekiel, we’re called to reach out in love to people who may not welcome us.  And, just like Ezekiel, we’re called to do it in God’s strength. 

Which is how something that seems intimidating can actually be a joy.  The kind of joy that overflows into song.  Because the strength, and the song, are His.