Subtle as a flying brick.

If the Last Supper is the First Eucharist, this explains why the Eucharist is such a big deal for Catholics.  

Not just because it was something started by Jesus.  After all, driving money changers out of the Temple with a whip was started by Jesus too, and we only do that once a year.  But because of its relationship to the “this is my body, this is my blood” Gospel reading for Corpus Christi. 

Because we’ve heard the readings before, it’s easy to miss the tone – the warmth, the edge, or the wit (and sometimes even the snark) - of what Jesus says.  The tone of the Gospel for Corpus Christi?  Subtle as a flying brick.  Jesus is simple and direct. 

In the Last Supper, there are no parables, no metaphors, no symbolism, no nuances – in plain language, we get Jesus telling us what it is.  No interpretation needed. 

The connection with the Eucharist?  This is exactly what happens at the Eucharist.  More on this tomorrow.