Nothing cleans like Transfiguration!

Sunday’s Gospel (Mark) has a word you don’t see very often – fuller.  Fuller is a job.  One of those really old jobs that can also be a last name, like Smith or Miller. 

A fuller washes and dyes cloth.  The reference in the Gospel means that Jesus’ clothes are whiter than a professional could bleach them.  Which sounds like we’ve wandered into a first century laundry commercial. 

But that’s not why we care about how spiffy Jesus’ clothes look.  That they are whiter than even a professional could bleach them is one of those details that this Gospel is loaded with (see yesterday’s post).  So what’s the point? 

The clothes are intimately connected with the person of Jesus.  Their appearance is something that shouldn’t be possible.  And it shows us that what Peter, James, and John are seeing is a glimpse of something much deeper about Jesus. 

More on this tomorrow.