Not exactly.

Some of us go to church for weddings and funerals, some of us go on Christmas and Easter.  Some of us go on Sunday, some of us go daily.  Samuel has all of us beat, he lives there.  

And the point would be?  Not that we can always go to church more than we do (we can, and why not?), but that there’s something more going on, more than just being there.  Even for someone who is there (literally) 24/7, there’s something more.

Being there makes it a lot easier to hear God, but that’s just the beginning.  God is calling each of us to more than just being there. 

What if we don’t hear the call?  God loves us enough to keep calling. 

What if we don’t understand the call?   God loves us enough to keep calling.

What if we’re not Samuel?  After all, most of us aren’t there 24/7 and weren’t set aside for God from before we were born.  More on this tomorrow.