Not pink

This Sunday is the 4th Sunday in Lent.  It’s called Laetare Sunday (Latin for “random color”), so the priest and the deacon will be wearing rose vestments. 

But everything else will still be purple.  Why? 

To lighten Lent, just a little.  To remind us that while it’s still Lent, the things we do for Lent aren’t an end to themselves.  To help us remember why we’re doing them in the first place. 

And to let us know that if what we tried to do for Lent didn’t work out, it’s okay to take a do-over.  Or if we haven’t even tried to have a Holy Lent, it’s okay to start now. 

In a way, every Sunday is Laetare Sunday.  Because with God, it’s always the right time for a do-over. 

More on this tomorrow.  Readings for Sunday