Matthew, um, Luke, I mean, John, right?

After four Sundays of Advent, on Thursday it’s finally Christmas!  Just like you’d expect, the colors, the decorations, the music, all of it changes.  And because it’s Christmas, it’ll be done with all of the extras.

Also, since this is Christmas, there will be lots of masses.  Depending on the church, there may be any combination of evening masses and midnight masses on Christmas Eve, as well as masses at dawn and during the day on Christmas Day.  And each one has different readings.  Why? 

Because there are different accounts of Christmas in different Gospels.  Why not just pick one?  On their own, each Gospel gives us a different perspective on Christmas, but together they give us the big picture.  And since Christmas is so important, the Church wants us to have the whole story (more than just the basic facts).  

So for the next three days, each day’s Moment will focus on a different set of readings for the Christmas masses, to help you get more out of which ever mass you go to on Christmas Eve/Christmas. 

And for the masses you don’t go to, take a look at those readings too, so you can have the whole story. 

More on this tomorrow.