Only two possibilities.

When things are difficult, it's great to avoid the hard stuff and the stress, and not be involved.  But there are some parts of life where (literally) that's just not an option. 

In Sunday’s Gospel (John), Jesus explains our relationship with him in terms of vines.  Branches that don't bear fruit get taken away, and branches that do bear fruit get pruned so that they bear more fruit.  Which means...? 

A quick look at a vineyard tells you something about how they work. 

There's nothing accidental.  It's not perfectly uniform (nothing living is), but none of it's growing wild.  The dead wood has been taken away and what's there has been pruned to bear more fruit.  There's no option to not be involved.  **   

And that's one of the points of this Gospel.  When it comes to our relationship with Jesus, in the end there are only two possibilities.  There's no option to not be involved. 

More on this tomorrow.